Stone Soul Foundation’s Electric Valley

Stone Soul Foundation’s Electric Valley


Auburn New York’s Stone Soul Foundation is a classic-rock rooted, southern strained outfit with a bit of grunge, funk and Sabbath mixed into a road-rage crockpot. Singer Sean Muldoon can sing, yell and yarl with the best of’em possessing a unique vocal range fitting for a band of such distinct sound. Formed in 2002 and hundreds of shows later they’ve had track Ain’t No Mystery featured on Classic Rock Magazine’s Super Rock Power Hour compilation CD. Sean and Shane were featured on an episode of Animal Planet’s Hillbilly Hand Fishin for some ‘noodling’. Most recently the song Sidewalker was used on the soundtrack for Indie Film Sweet Leaf, a blood-drenched heavy metal heist. They also successfully completed a fan-funded YouTube video campaign for the Occupy Movement inspired Taking Back The U.S which debuted exclusively on Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles in September.


Sidewalker starts the valley rocking with bluesy hard-edged guitars. You’re a sidewalker, a slick talker. Jeff Wiggins pulls some Joe Satriani guitar work from his six strings and fingers. Christian is all about the believers and holy rollers. Dirty blues grinding starts this one about the hypocrisy of religious judge-mentalist’s.  Come to church or ‘people will know’. You call yourself a Christian or are you here just to be seen. Listen to the choir sing your song, hypocrite. Can I get a witness and an Amen?

Electric Valle oozes out with a Godsmack, COC, Monster Magnet aura. Ain’t No Mystery plays out a bluesy mysticism with a hint of tambourine shaking black-magic, just enticing enough to dance to. Stand out track Sorry About You is a tender love ballad in the Dio era Black Sabbath age and the hobbit-sized, goliath-lunged godfather’s pissed off. Ugly Kid Joe, still hates you too. You’ll get what’s coming to ya.

Window is slower, spiced with Chris Cornel/Mr. Big vocals reflecting on life and past memories through the glass.  It’s time to see the man on the Mountain of Time with a spoken word verse mid-song reminiscent of Slayer’s Skeletons of Society. Next Flight takes a trip into the purple haze, caught chasing the dragon into fantasy land.

Gonna Try and walk a little further every day on the path of life that’s true for me, carrying a dump truck full of rock-heavy dirt and metal scrap iron with me. They Are Me is almost doo-wop meets rock with a slow boozy, bluesy sound. I Master, master, say’s create your own reality and live life as you want, but keep the faith in classic Sabbath.

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