Sworn In Deals The Death Card

Chicago’s producers of mind warping metalcore/hardcore escapism to small, dark hideous places Sworn In  deliver their debut, The Death Card to an audience that can appreciate its rapid fire hammer to the brain subtleties and water torturous echoes of fading sanity.
The 13 songs on The Death Card are an insane asylum’s delight as ripe and delicious as a sample from Renfields personal party platter. Zakary Gibson and Eugene Kamlyuk’s guitars are the proverbial torture devices that can do as much damage to the ears and head as a brain probe or rusty scalpel.  Tyler Dennen’s vocals’ need a snug straightjacket for their angry, screaming occupants. Sean Banks bass is the most subdued of the bunch but be careful of the quiet ones.  They’ll attack at any time and Chris George’s drum-kit is the marching band that holds the whole nut job party together.
As a whole the hand dealt on TDC is a collection of the feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories and ideas of a schizophrenic being ripped out and dumped on the floor right before a frontal lobotomy.
XIII starts in a bizarre claustrophobic intro exploring the dark caverns of the mind sounding like a Marilyn Manson/Davey Suicide sound-check. Hypocrisy’s Machine Head high guitar peaks and off notes open the song with Dennen’s impassioned yelling with a unique Derek Witherspoon technique and a feeling that’s not quite right in the brain. Mindless starts the inmate straight jacket dance in the meeting room. Fast frantic guitar notes keep poking at the damaged parts of the mental noodle.
The darker parts of the ward come out as Dead Soul transcribes the automatic writings scribbled on the padded wall into music. Senseless is an instrumental of uncertain trepidation and possible unwanted progress towards the door hiding what’s in that dark room. Snake Eyes are rolled back as you’re submerged under water long enough  to begin struggling. Mute’s unexpected techno beat breaks the melancholy mood with the echoes of past victims voices embedded in the finger scratched marked walls.
The corridors are stained with Bitterblood poisoned by the visions and psychosis of insanity genetically inherited.

They’ve released two EP’s Catharsis and Start/End and recently played the Skate and Surf festival and just finished touring with For the Fallen Dreams, Hundredth, Upon This Dawning, Gideon, Wolves at the Gate and To the Wind. The band earned its fans, following and early successful to the DIY method, posting all their music on social media for free. The music did the talking and along with nonstop touring the hard work paid off as they were signed by Razor & Tie. www.sworninband.com

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