Tad Morose Hails St Demonius

Tad Morose Hails St Demonius

A fierce, honor bound war-code is sung, fought and settled through the blood stains of generations within the twelve new songs of St. Demonius. Ronny Hemlin sings and shrieks his way to the battlefield. His voice shrills and peaks carrying the strength and power of reinforced armor with shield in hand. You can smell the blacksmith’s hot iron shaping the steel and the fresh pre-battle morning air before blood and carnage pollute the battleground. Ears are alerted by the war horns as swords clash together fighting to the death.

Tad Morose has been around long enough to be considered legendary and have their own wars inscribed in the history books. Bringing eight albums to life, they’ve honored the warrior’s code with the combinations of power and prog metal. Though guitarist Christer Andersson is the only original member, they’ve breathed new life into the band with bassist Tommi Karppanen, guitarist Kenneth Jonsson and second longest standing member drummer Peter Moren.

The demons of war are heralded in this bloody conquest of battle for freedom and victory.

Hemlin tells the sordid tragic tale. Kneel down and accept your fate, “Bow to the Reapers Blade.”

Laser like riffs are highlighted by impassioned vocals on “Forlorn” bringing the prophecy to pass as the child is born.

“Where Ignorance Reigns” is in the name of God, asking what God do you fight for? A battle-front symphony takes the tune into deeper melody and bloodshed.

Guitars mow and maul down legions of charging minions till only the strongest and most stubborn foes “Remain.” Hemlin screams out pride for his heritage and flag.

“Black Fire” burns in the hot embers, with chug soloing like the eternal flame, burning down the gates of hell.

“Day of Reckoning” opens deep chorded and somber, the slain dead will rise to reclaim the earth as guitars spell out the majestic storytelling.

“The Shadows Play” their games as warriors and loud fast guitars dance and fight around them. Don’t get blinded by the moving darkness.

“Darkness Prevail” is a blackening hymn sung to the void itself.


St. Demonius is now on Despotz Records.


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