80s metal

Ice Age – Reformed to Thrash Again

  Gothenburg, Sweden’s all female thrash group Ice Age started in 1985. They’ve sold thousands of demos, toured Europe with major festival appearances and their fan base and profile was growing without major label or indie support. Almost three decades after their split they’ve returned with debut release Breaking The Ice, available through GMR Music. The Ice Age began in 1985 when voca...[Read More]

Four Star Revival Unleash The Underdog

Saturday February 11, the walls of the Marshall Road Church of God shook before the Sunday sermon was delivered. The power of metal filled the room and was welcomed by those assembled. Though some of the seated, dearly beloved wore earplugs, the presumably unfamiliar sites and sounds of stacked speakers, light rigs, drum kits, keyboards and loud guitars were captured on phones as the piano and pul...[Read More]

GEARS Grind at Oddbody’s

Friday Feb. 12, the Miami heat came back to Dayton in the form of GEARS. The Florida foursome brought two EP’s worth of material to the stage, a seasoned work ethic and an arena sized delivery. Mother nature’s foul mood didn’t keep the faithful from showing up to watch them churn out an hour long set, accompanied by Dayton, regional support Mothers Onion Band, 80 Proof and Shotgun Surprise. The ni...[Read More]

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