Prometheus Reigns in Fairfield

(Due to severe weather conditions, original headliners Raven Black were unable to perform)   Friday December 15 DF Productions and Events  at The Venue Event Center in Fairfield hosted three bands that played on, despite Mother Nature tampering with the lineup. Dayton’s Secret Circle Society presented a smooth, calming middle ground, sandwiched between aggressive metal and black and death met...[Read More]

Fight the Parasites Tour Kicks off at Thompson House

Friday July 8, six bands played the parlor stage at the Thompson House in Newport, KY. The intimate but cozy setting was the opening night kickoff for fighting the parasites. The tour included headliners In Dying Arms, Sea of Treachery and It Lies Within. The tour headliner In Dying Arms took a co-headliner spot giving Cincinnati’s Sea of Treachery the headliner spot for the opening night. S...[Read More]

Mouth of the Architect Play Path of Eight at Blind Bobs

Saturday May 14, Cincinnati and Dayton came together at the Oregon District, gathered for three loud bands intricate and diverse in style with heavy deliverance accompanied by talent that were diverse in difference but were welcomed and appreciated by the “metal” crowd. Whether it was keyboards, synthesizers, guitars or a big screen projecting trippy visuals, the crowd gathered, filling Blind Bobs...[Read More]

Elvira Headlines HorrorHound 2016

March 18th-20th marked the 2016 return of HorrorHound weekend to the Sharonville Convention Center. HH has become a proven horror phenomenon drawing fans from basically everywhere for almost a decade. Lines were long as always as fans came with merchandise, money and their best white-rotting smiles for a few moments with their favorite screen stars. Whether it was a shirt, poster, figure or tattoo...[Read More]

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