I Died Trying Return’s with One Man Show

On Saturday July 8, I Died Trying returns to the local scene via The Actors Theatre in Fairborn after a multi-year absence/seclusion. Formally a three-piece, the now one man band helmed by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Tony Goff will perform two solo sets surrounded by a multi-media immersion of screens, video production and photography. “The Encore:” The Return of I Died Trying will feature ...[Read More]

Cavalera Conspiracy bring Bloody Roots to Dayton

Saturday October 8, Oddbody’s was a wall to wall, pit to pit, circular and otherwise sea of mass humanity. Dayton sold out the iconic venue for a night stacked with bands local to international. It was an all-night flux of styles and sounds from metal, rock, industrial and the tribal sounds of Brazil. The Cavalera brothers Max and Igor made the Ohio stop a show to remember as they controlled the c...[Read More]

Belphegor Conjures the Dead in Ohio

Austria’s death, black metal blood-stained blasphemers Belphegor played the Buckeye state Saturday Aug. 28. The foursome performed a blackened ceremony to a packed house at Oddbody’s, full of hot, sweaty, somewhat intoxicated followers and disciples. The show was part of the bands 11th North American raid through the U.S. Guitarist/vocalist Helmuth put together a savage live beating for the crowd ...[Read More]

Otep Brings Equal Rights and Lefts to Dayton

On Friday August 5 a very full evening of bands played Oddbody’s as the summer heat drenched outside as much as in. Starting early evening eight bands played the bill. Omeni, Forces of Nature, Watch Them Rot and Epikist handled local support while One Day Waiting started the nationals with Fire from the Gods, Doll Skin and headliner Otep. Xenia’s Omeni started everything. With elements of Hatebree...[Read More]

Oddbody’s Celebrates Two Years with Smile Empty Soul

Two years ago the building formally known for decades as McGuffy’s abruptly closed its doors leaving a large void in the Dayton music scene. Under its former name, the venue had been home to local bands bringing in national names and crowds from the early ‘80s to present day. The building that went from the House of Draft to the House of Rock held its last show on New Year’s Eve 2013. For several ...[Read More]

GEARS Grind at Oddbody’s

Friday Feb. 12, the Miami heat came back to Dayton in the form of GEARS. The Florida foursome brought two EP’s worth of material to the stage, a seasoned work ethic and an arena sized delivery. Mother nature’s foul mood didn’t keep the faithful from showing up to watch them churn out an hour long set, accompanied by Dayton, regional support Mothers Onion Band, 80 Proof and Shotgun Surprise. The ni...[Read More]

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