The Message and Muscles

The Message and Muscles

The Power Team headed by John Jacobs bashed, pounded, ran over, pummeled, ripped and tore everything in their path bringing the nightly audience of their week-long stay at Hillside Chapel a show and spiritual experience never to be forgotten. With safety barriers up the men and women sprayed the audience with oceans of Sprite, ice and other heavier plunder.

The 6’4 200lb weight lifting champion founder John Jacobs led the march, curling cooking ware like fruit roll ups. The 6’2 270lb former marine, bodyguard Ray Clark made mince-meat out of steel bars, bending them over his mental power dome. Sole femme fatale/Minister of Pain/Abra-Hammer, the 5’9 208lb Janet Clark of Rollerball fame impressed all with pushups hoisting Jacobs off the ground. The 6’2 300lb licensed teacher, All-American shot put/discus and bench press champion Jason Long turned several soft drink six packs into taffy, giving people a thirst quenching shower ala Gallagher. Former Colts, Rams power lifter Shawn Harper sported his 6’4 305lb frame over the stage pushing the limitations of lung power into a hot water balloon and broke more broken bat records in a minute than in World Series history.

Jacobs gave the weekend’s most powerful testaments recalling a trip to the roughest high school in Brooklyn. While preparing to break two sets of handcuffs, the schools biggest drug dealer walked up, got in Jacobs face and asked him to break the chains, for him. The dealer asked God into his life. Another story involved a quadriplegic amputee who was given the chance to express himself through wild life paintings using his teeth, inspiring a series of facilities giving handicapped kids a chance to create art. He also discovered an armless guitar player glorifying God with his toes.

After each show, a moment of spiritual awakening and renewal was offered to anyone needing guidance or doors opened.

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