Torch Runner Releases Endless Nothing


Greensboro noise-grinders Torch Runner have unleashed their new LP Endless Nothing via Southern Lord. Clocking in at about 22 minutes because a minute more or less might cause cranial damage or disappointment to the educated ear; the disk is an unrelenting perpetual fist smash salute to the chaos of early punk and sounds a guitar should be scared to make. The follow up to 2012’s Committed to the Ground. A steel splintered lobe scratching collection of songs ranging from 33 seconds to four minutes. A band sporting the finer points of fury in hardcore punk and noise crust with the distorted vocal pain of Korn meets NIN backed by Napalm Death. There’s no doubt vocalist/bassist Rob Turner has a few personal demons to scream out.

From the start of Attrition guitar feedback screams with a drum stomp as vocals grit teeth, inhaling dirt and gravel from the underground. Bound by Misery smashes head’s into walls of an endless dark room with lawnmower guitars slicing and dicing the mental senses. Circuition is 49 seconds of migraine inducing intensive noise. Rebirth hemorrhages guitar chords, drawing out the most depraved notes. On Calloused Mind we get guitars gnashed, gnarled in metal gristle, wedged out with a barbed wire toothpick. Wordless’s chaotic slam and dance is paced like dancing on lit fireworks.

In two weeks they’ll launch a West Coast tour with label-mates Baptists and Obliterations each supporting new LPs out in October on Southern Lord beginning with a Los Angeles showcase on October 15th.



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