Unbreakable Hatred Offers the Ruins

Unbreakable Hatred Offers the Ruins

What if Max Cavalera fronted a post-apocalyptic Deicide? From start to finish Ruins, is an unstoppable, unbreakable panic attack on the ear that might answer that question. Torture chamber drums beating down harder and faster than your average hate wielding enemy. Sharp, unrelenting guitars that smash overhead without apologies or apathy until you hear them in your nightmares and bass that adds thunder, cracking the ground below to annihilation.

Unbreakable Hatred was formed by guitarist Philippe Drouin, his brother and drummer Dominic and vocalist/bassist Simon B. Lapointe. They released their debut album, Total Chaos, in 2011 and have received positive buzz from Sputnik Music and Bravewords among others.

Vocals are a screeching bowl of howling, growling spewed hooks and chains filled with ominous intent. Unbreakable Hatred is the shining new breed and blood of the Quebec City underground scene. Whatever northern darkness is there, they have butchered it beyond mutilation and recognition making it their own violently artistic creation.

They could have very well raised the question; can a band play faster and harder than a pit could keep up with? A power trio that decimates live, leaving bleeding ears trampled and forgotten on the dance floor.

Their energy and adrenaline fueled sound and shows have earned praise from extreme metal royalty like Suffocation, Misery Index and Cryptopsy.

This is the music played when the hazmat alarms sound and annihilation is imminent. At least the post apocalypse survivors and cockroaches will have something to listen to while staggering/crawling through the wastelands looking for the last surviving Twinkies.


“Addiction” build’s, beats and blasts from the beginning with circle pit structure and technical prowess on the frets. Guitars squeal on “National Disaster” tail ending the punishment, with finger work to make the strings smoke.

“Ruins” and “Unpredictable Brutality” are frantic and fast with the deadly bite of spider/cyber web soloing. The first and every guitar pic prick are deadly.

As Ruins suggests having a building fall on you may be less brutal than this.


Ruins will be released August 21st via Unique Leader Records.

Preorders can be placed here  


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