Wailin’ Storms Sends the Shiver

Wailin’ Storms Sends the Shiver

The southern fried Wailin’ Storms of the century was originally molded from the heat of Corpus Christi, Texas then migrated to Durham, North Carolina. With a whisky poured mind altering mix of country punk. With nods and shots of swamp gas, the beasts are conjured up through the dark Elvis wail of guitarist Justin Storms. Classic country rock and rigor mortis gone bad as drummer Mark Oates, bassist Steve Stanczyk and lead guitarist Todd Warner encourage the musical conjuring.

They’re all howling, for the dead to get back up for the occasion. No post-apocalypse needed or crossbows to worry about. It’s Samhain, southern style and the horror punk’s got a dead and hungry redneck nipping at his ear gauge.

Way “Down in South Texas” the sounds and spirits of the west come rolling by like possessed tumbleweed. Guitars creepy crawl and cry out like zombies and other unearthly folk. Danzig’s still a misfit after all. It’s rockabilly, hillbilly twang, with demonized liquor on the lips. Crankin’ and clankin’ out spirit summoning guitar prose. The low somber chords ring out all through the rusty, forgotten dead house leaving the ghouls and bad memories in the doorway as Storms screams to the end.

“Which Way to the Grave” is a grave robbers theme song with post-mortem decrepit dust and bones to Gein. Storms screams out the dead’s song as guitars plunk out the eerie chords like a newly resurrected graveyard vacancy. The vamps are waiting to smell the early evening earth and air, as a chorus of dead souls and angry spirits cry to Lilith for a vacation back to the living.

“Shiver, shiver, shiver” is country, feelin’ like a dead cowboy’s boney finger down the back. Deep tuned for the damned from the muddy closet of the bayou south, to the damp, dark well soaked basements of unspoken underground rituals. It’s music summoning up sounds of trapped angry bats on their way out of the wishing well with screeching casket lungs wailing for the dead.

“Viking Funeral” is a slow, methodical drive down to the Lone Star State with torch, helmet, and timber in the back. A Texas branded twist on the Norse tradition.

“Superstitious” gets down and dirty with Stevie bringing the funk out of the graveyard voodoo hex.

After 2011’s debut Bone colored Moon EP, Magic Bullet Records reissued the Shiver EP as an appetizer for the band’s first full-length One Foot in the Flesh Grave, out this fall.
Shiver is now available on Magic Bullet Records


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