Wait Hell In Pain – Wrong Desire

Wait Hell In Pain – Wrong Desire


Rome, Italy’s Wait Hell In Pain tackles the series issue of physical abuse against women on their debut Wrong Desire. The record’s fictional main character May endures physical and psychological abuse, eventually reaching her boiling point. Knowing the past can’t be changed and the ramifications of her emerging dark thought patterns, she contemplates escape by any means necessary.

Turning her physical, emotional and mental wounds to motivation, she confronts the abuse. Wrong Desire tells the hard rock symphonic tale on nine narrative tracks (with a cover) of abuse, pain and renewal as the quiet fragile girl evolves into a vengeful huntress ending the torment.        

Wait Hell In Pain began in 2011 when guitarist Stefano Prejanò met singer Kate Sale and their musical path began. In October 2012 they started playing local shows. Their current lineup formed in 2016 with drummer Stefano Rossi, keyboardist Marco Novello and bassist Alfonso Pascarella.

The journey and story that would become Wrong Desire started in November 2016 at Kick Recording Studio and was released in September by Revalve Records. They also released a lyric video for “Behind the Mask” and concept video for “Lost In Silence.”

Sale splits her time between bands as the vocalist of Highway to HER, the first all-female Italian AC/DC tribute band.

Pop moments blend with hard rock and metal producing melodic anthems with symphonic bombast as keys blend with beats, guitar strings and Sale’s personification of May’s plight.  The music is played in a way that adds lyrical weight to the story.

The locomotive starts on “The Last Trip” hitting the tracks breathing out anger and emotion.

Whether it’s the somber, sifting through murky depths with deep atmospheric, prog of “Castaway” or the slaying guitars, shedding industrial skin of “Lost in Silence,” Sale lays down hot emotional lava interpreting deep, complex emotions.

Raindrops drain the pain and memories away as dark clouds hover above, waiting for the flash point lighting to come on “Rain of May.” With moments of bright post-storm light paved hope shining through the clouds.

Guitars get angry confessing his abusive long unanswered sins. The “New Moon” offers rebirth, the chance for a crossroads decision and series of events. The past in done, the present’s in motion with the future to be written. No fist or hand hath the fury of a motivated woman scorned.

Wrong Desire  audibly makes the story sound beautiful even when dealing with dark, uncomfortable aspects while the lyrics give May and the issues center stage.


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