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Death Koolaid bring more Poison on Vol. 2

The seven songs on the new release from Death Koolaid could be compared to the thought process of a straight jacketed inmate running into walls playing cranium bumper car. Death Koolaid’s music is loud, erratic, abrasive, screaming in your face with rude intent. Vol. 2 is a fast paced pit serenade to the speed of punk and the feminine screaming likes of Butcher Babies, along with Otep, Wendy O. Wi...[Read More]

Scarleth’s Silver Lining

Two records into their career, Kyiv, Ukraine’s, Scarleth have written, sculpted and recorded music that speaks beyond a band releasing their sophomore effort. Through numerous member changes they’ve crafted a sound blending Euro symphonic influence with thrash and modern melodious rock. Scarleth is Victor Morozov (guitar), Yana Kovalskaya (keyboards), new vocalist Ekaterina Kapshuk, Igor Chumak (b...[Read More]

Banned from Hell- Fall of Humanity

Banned From Hell  is an Italian metal band hailing from Florence. Their style is basked in the multi-instrument, genre exploring realms of experimentation, black metal, Nordic styles and what Shadows Fall, Amon Amarth and Lamb of God might sound like morphed in with keyboards and gothic/horror themes and vampiric imagery. In 2015 Fall of Humanity was recorded and made for the impressive ear that a...[Read More]

A Darker Color Bright

A one man band from the Midwest, shrouded in mystery, prompted not on name recognition or image but on the sounds and talent of his work and imagination. Sometimes the greatest complex depth and detail comes from simplicity. A Darker Color Bright, whoever it is, is 100% responsible for what you hear on the six-song EP Adcbep1, from writing to playing to production it all comes from his mind. In th...[Read More]

Cybernetic Witch Cult- Spaceous Cretaceous

The three-man band Cybernetic Witch Cult bring doom, psychedelic, space rock from Cornwall England wrapped up in a perplexing but pleasant sounding mix of horror punk, prog and Rob Zombie, mixed in with audio samples from Star Wars and other sci-fi cult cinema. Whether they danced in front of fires for three-fold inspiration or just jammed on guitars after sci-fi binges isn’t known. They’ve taken ...[Read More]

She Must Burn Releases Debut EP

  London, England’s, symphonic black-death metal haunting hybrid She Must Burn might look and sound like a witches inquisition spell gone three times worse, conjuring darker forces than planned. She Must Burn say’s hello from jolly old England with its unrelenting and unapologetic self-titled EP via Artery Recordings, bringing the UK back to the uber-laced dark ages, in their own speaker-blee...[Read More]

Razereater Unleash Vacuum of Nihil

UK warp speed grinders Razereater have slammed out a five track EP, to be released and approached with caution on January 13th. Vacuum of Nihil’s, five short tracks pack the wallop of a nuclear bomb exploding in the backyard with monsoon fury. Like a chaotic spinning acid trip filled with fast, furious and angry aggression, a turbine contortion of spastic movements playing faster than a mosh pit c...[Read More]

Engraved Darkness Release the Diabolical Scriptures

Dayton’s deliverers of dark damnation Engraved Darkness have mixed a smoldering pot of death, black, thrash and technical metal rolled out and used like sacrificial knives with violent intent. A four man played prophecy spewing out ominous omens with two members of Forces of Nature bringing a darker, more sinister mix of prearranged, apocalyptic chaos. Like a fallen priest reciting passages from a...[Read More]

URN Brings the Epiphany

  With 20 years experience in the music scene, originator Dominic St. Charles brings the world, his next dark folk metal vision with Urn. Cradled in its new home in the clutches of Dark Moon Records via Dark Moon Productions. Inspired by and compared to Opeth, Nighwish and Finntroll among others, they have recorded a record bent in the classical elements of folk metal with hints of paganism. ...[Read More]

Lyken 21’s Taboos of Tyranny

    New Jersey’s Lyken 21 continue to change, evolve and warp their music transforming the sounds of Dream Theater and Judas Priest with a subtle lipstick kiss of 80’s glam and a touch of Euro metal flavor. They sound as blood thirsty about their music as their desire to play tunes started in the New Jersey underground but keep in touch with the mainstream. With lyrics about space ...[Read More]

Psychostick Returns with Revenge of the Vengeance

  Chicago humorcore-(ists) and musical alchemists Psychostick return, because well, a bunch of fans thought they should and with four comedy albums to their credit, the virtually 100% do it yourself band has amassed a somewhat comforting and concerning fan base through heavy chords, riffs, growling, jokes, ballads and songs about stuff and doing funny s—t on stage. Their cult following (depen...[Read More]

Dead Dick and the TBA Band Offer Fourplay

   Everyone’s favorite dead and not-rotting fast enough swinging hillbilly from the worst parts of backwoods Kentucky returns to the realm of the living to spread more musical holiday cheer and put smiles on parents faces while terrifying the kids. Just jump on old Uncle Dick’s lap sunny, you won’t feel a thing because neither does he. Dead Dick Hammer, the lovely queen of decomposition Doreen Lav...[Read More]

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