Belphegor Raises Hell in Columbus

The Alrosa Villa stage was hung with hell’s fury Friday, November 10 as The North American Totenritual came to Columbus via Columbus Events Group. The Death Black Metal Crusade continued its tear across the nation, headlined by Austria’s macabre masters Belphegor. Playing a sordid selection of older blasphemies, a handful from Totenritual, and a few ritualistic classics. Their show was half-horror...[Read More]

HorrorHound Slays the Holidays Red

‘Tis the season… to be jolly, thankful and wield sharp objects that glisten red in the snow. A time to be with loved ones,  sharing a similar passion for killer cinema.  During the first weekend of November, HorrorHound went a slashing in Columbus finishing 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  A weekend celebrating the family non-friendly holiday classics we’ve come to love and adore like an uns...[Read More]

Columbus Screams for The Iron Maidens

Saturday September 16, the Alrosa Villa was packed with people paying tribute to the four bands playing tribute to four metal forefathers. Both levels of the venue were stacked with metalheads ready to hear their favorite Judas Priest, Metallica, Dio and Iron Maiden songs. Defenders of the Faith opened the evening paying homage to the Metal God and Priest with classic Halford era tunes, though the...[Read More]

Carcass, Testament, Slayer Sell Out Express Live

What could be considered a “dream tour” by metal standards hit Columbus on Tuesday March 8, bringing out most of the head-banging faithful and nearby regions along with anyone adorned in a black band shirt to the former LC Pavilion. Two bands that played the Clash of the Titans tour in the ‘90s proved they’re still loud, touring machines bringing a brutal, hellacious onslaught to metal heads every...[Read More]

Nightwish Bring Endless Forms to Columbus

Thursday, Feb. 25th was a night of Euro symphonic powerhouse metal for the LC Pavilion’s newly dubbed moniker Express Live. The Endless Forms Most Beautiful came to Columbus and delivered with fellow female fronted Delain and power metal veterans Sonata Arctica. The Kitee, Finland natives may have proven third times the charm as former After Forever, ReVamp vocalist Floor Jansen took the helm as t...[Read More]

Jasmine Cain Headlines Fourth Annual Amplified Awareness

The fourth annual amplified awareness show returned to the Alrosa Villa Saturday, Feb. 20th bringing Columbus together to support two great causes. Since its inception the event has worked hard providing a platform for musicians to play for Autism and TS  (Tourette Syndrome) awareness. Make it Fit Foundation founder Mike Hoover has worked tirelessly to gain sponsors, supporters and bring the crowd...[Read More]

Santa Cruz Plays Sunday’s Rock on the Range

The young and hungry hellraisers from Helsinki came early Sunday morning to open the Jager stage and wake up the eardrums of the wide-eyed and groggily assembled. Whether you were on hangover number two or still on hangover one from Friday the day began loud with a retro-active 80’s splash of attitude and metal via the sunset strip. Which was closer to the stage then Helsinki, by a ‘few’ miles. Th...[Read More]

September Mourning Play Rock on the Range 2015

The story of LA’s musical art project September Mourning can be traced back to 2009, when September (Emily Lazar) was in New York and the origin of the storyline took form in a graphic fantasy concept. After putting together a core band and touring, the initial lineup changed to the eventual current form when September moved to LA in 2010 to focus on the musical side. Their stage is as theatrical ...[Read More]

Judas Priest Headlines Saturday’s Rock on the Range Weekend 2015

One of the nation’s largest three day festivals started with mother-nature’s attitude spreading all over Columbus. The second day of Rock on the Range and the first day of hangover again brought the goods. Whether you were coming on your first day sober or still drunk, buzzed, sunburn and/or sleep deprived. The minions walked and dragged their way back through the gates returning to the stages of ...[Read More]

Slipknot Headlines First Day of Sold Out Rock on the Range Weekend 2015

Rock on the Range 2015 , the biggest event of the weekend in Columbus, was another sold out success in tickets, attendance, paid parking and festival priced water/beer/Gatorade sold under the hot sun, stormy clouds and whatever copious amounts of rain mother-nature decided to spew out on Saturday and Sunday. Whether it was a quick sprinkle, downpour or consistent drizzle, the thousands packing out...[Read More]

Amplified Awareness III at Alrosa Villa

On Saturday February 21st, the Alrosa Villa hosted the third annual Amplified Awareness concert fundraiser. Since its inception, the event in collaboration with Mike Hoover of the Make It Fit Foundation, Jon Clevenger and The Iron Brothers of Ohio, Thunder Roads Ohio, C&A Harley-Davidson and this year’s new addition Kixson Creative have brought fans of great music to the Villa in an effort to ...[Read More]

Decapitated in Columbus

Regardless of what any mental, symbolic connotation of a band’s name based on losing one’s head can conjure up it cannot compare to the pure, loud, unforgiving brutality they throttle out on stage like jackhammer turbines on speed. Saturday November 15th Columbus Events Group decided to beat the crap out of its home town brethren one more time before the holidays. From blast beat drums to head shr...[Read More]

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