Razereater Unleash Vacuum of Nihil

UK warp speed grinders Razereater have slammed out a five track EP, to be released and approached with caution on January 13th. Vacuum of Nihil’s, five short tracks pack the wallop of a nuclear bomb exploding in the backyard with monsoon fury. Like a chaotic spinning acid trip filled with fast, furious and angry aggression, […]

Skraeckoedian Release Sagor

Skraeckoedian’s sound could be called 70’s doom-prog but it could also be every bit, part Sabbath as part from Southern Louisiana as from their Swedish homeland. With songs spanning the vast terrain of the mountainous land and planets inhabiting the cover, the music echo’s through the caves and halls of time leaving its imprint on […]

Obscene Entity’s Lamentia

The Obscene Entity boys from the UK are breaking bones cracking skulls and making eardrums bleed with their new nine-song audio sledgehammer Lamentia. From demonic, screeching vocals, avalanche riffs and guitars savagely cutting through everything to be heard, they’ve pulled out a weapon of decibel destruction. Lamentia’s hell-raising box of technical complexity is complimented by […]

Forward Unto Dawn Brings the New ‘Alpha’

With mind weaving solos, like stringing guitar wire across the room with venom dripping spiders spinning on the webs, Halifax, Nova Scotia’s progressive death metal hybrid Forward Unto Dawn makes the heart pound. Whether it’s the guitars slamming, the damming scream, growl or hell-crisp screech of Din Stonehouse as he almost explains the songs as […]

Cloud Maze Says Maybe U Should Decide

Ever wonder what a happy, poppy-electro rock version of Pretty Hate Machine would sound like? In its short existence, Moscow’s Cloud Maze’s debut album Maybe, U Decide has already caused a stir in the Russian scene. Through constant touring with local to regional exposure the band’s unique diverse sound has quickly made its underground rounds, […]

Them Damn Golers Re-Release In ‘n’ Outlaws

  Vancouver BC’s The Golers were formed in 1998 after the disbanding of Subversion. They’ve built momentum over the course of 4 albums and massive touring. 1999’s South Mountain Style ushered in the classic Goler sound combining most, if not all, extreme metal styles with punk and thrash into one cohesive, speaker throttling sound. Next […]

Malphas Bring Forth-The Conjuring

Even wonder what Immortal and Opeth on the same record would sound like? On February 24th in association with Dewar PR Philadelphia’s Malphas bring forth on their debut EP The Conjuring a cross breed, misanthropic blend of prog, black metal, death and symphonic elements that cross multiple underground genres from cult rock to the classical, […]

Mass Punishment Serve Out Proving Grounds Vol. 1.

  New Jersey’s Mass Punishment compiles it’s version of groove thrash metal on their debut Proving Grounds, Vol. 1, with lyrics penned and inspired by first-hand war experience, the music equals the real life brutality seen. Guitars and drums blast out the loud armories of combat as vocals scream out the war-torn, beaten path of […]