The Sun Shines on Cave of Swimmers

The Sun Shines on Cave of Swimmers

The duo known as Cave Of Swimmers could be classified as doom, garage or stoner rock, even metal but their style defies labeling as seen on new single The Sun available July 3rd 2017 via Southern Druid Records

Hailing from Miami by way of Venezuela, Cave Of Swimmers consists of two grade school friends reunited. Guillermo Gonzalez-Perez (guitarist, vocals, synth) and Arturo Garcia-Ribbi (drummer, vocals) reconnected in the mid 2000’s playing and combining any genre they felt like to make music their way.

Earning fans acclaim and respect early on, combining styles, sounds and landscapes that don’t necessarily go together to create a unique offering of audio treats. Think Corrosion of Conformity meet Soundgarden. They have toured the U.S. with a growing international following in Europe, South America, Australia, and Russia.

They have earned press from Florida news and music sites along with Sludgelord and Destructive Music with former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted quoted saying that COS warrants a new sound classification.

“The Sun” starts out with the frantic drum pace and guitar work thought of in old school thrash circles. You might even think the tune was an unreleased track from a classic Megadeth album with the wrenching, break neck guitar work. However, the band adds a unique ingredient to the mix with Perez’s pipes sending us straight to the opera stage or a Euro power metal festival. The gruff growls and snarls of acclaimed metal front men are nowhere to be found, with clean vocals steering the song into heavy but beautifully different territory.

The B side features a live version of “Hangman,”  from their 2016 Psycho Las Vegas performance and their 2013 self-titled release. For those who have not heard them prior, music wise, it’s a stylistic opposite coming from a gloomy ‘70s garage, with distorted vocals and visual tapestries hung everywhere. As incense burns and the fuzz laden strings get proggy as the crowd chills and listens. Their newest album Reflection was released summer 2015.

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