Mick Montgomery-The West Coast Years

The following is a separate part of an interview series detailing Mick Montgomery’s time in the California scene of the mid-to-late ‘60s. Mick Montgomery is a well-known, respected musician, teacher, venue owner and promoter in the Dayton, Ohio scene. A Wright State University art graduate, he taught for several years, running the legendary Canal Street Tavern which helped launch the careers...[Read More]

Salems Lott Unleash Debut EP

From the decadence of the sunset strip to the land of the rising sun Salems Lott could be described as what would emerge if an earthquake swallowed Motley Crue, Hanoi Rocks, Kiss, Wasp, Yngwie Malmsteen, Loudness and X Japan. The results are four vintage creatures spewed from the earth and time machine decked in leather, lace and makeup crisscrossing glam and kabuki with hair teased light socket s...[Read More]

Stoner Van Houten Guardian of the Ranch

“I want to show the positive side of Spahn Ranch.” Says ranch caretaker and history buff Stoner Van Houten. Local Manson expert Stoner Van Houten dedicates most of his time to preserving the history and upkeep of Spahn Ranch for anyone who wants to come and see the sights for themselves. He’s made numerous YouTube videos chronicling his ranch visits. He’s also happy to take people on sight-seeing ...[Read More]

Dearly Departed Tours Sheds Spotlight on LA’s Dark Side

Dearly Departed Tours offers several uniquely presented tours covering Hollywood, specializing in the dark, spooky side of Tinseltown. The tours are custom made taking guests into the shadows and tragic history wedged in the cracks, buried deep in the City of Angels. DDT offers eight tours including the Tragical History Tour (A Trip Down Bad Memory Lane,) and the Hollywood Movie Tour. The G-G-G Gh...[Read More]

Elite Adventures go Anywhere for a Scare Year Round

Elite Adventure Tours are the foremost private luxury tour company in Southern California offering the best in family, group and individual luxury VIP tour experiences. No cramped buses, vans or fast paced tours cramming in the sights with barely a stop for a pic and a good view. Locations on any given tour are customized based on guest interests and how much time they have with the guide. Tours a...[Read More]

September Mourning’s Reaping Begins

The prayers of the Children of Fate have been answered with the first chapter of the September Mourning saga. Our snow-white-locked human/reaper hybrid queen has unleashed the first collection of songs to the alpha of the story. Bound and bonded in white armor, arms strapped, September takes us on a journey to the world of Mortem (via LA) and how she came to be. A tale of mortal beauty being stron...[Read More]

Urilia Conjure The Adversarial Light

A new abomination rises from the ashes off the sweet, shinning streets of sunny LA bringing forth ancient underground doctrines. A new wave and breed of extreme metal engraved in the Luciferian path and inspired by the works of Michael W. Ford. Scene veteran Kristof Bathory has taken his new bands philosophy of destroy to create, quite literary. Laying Dawn of Ashes to rest and moving forward to c...[Read More]

Delta Deep Scorches the West Coast Blues Down South

  Delta Deep is a new hybrid of blues, rock, metal and jazz scorching through the speakers like a branding iron melting away the decibels. Collectively, each member’s respective bands have sold over 100 million albums winning multiple awards entertaining millions around the world. Delta Deep is Def Leppard’s Phil Collen, Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo, drummer Forrest Robinson, and ...[Read More]

Behold The Monolith Bring Forth the Void

Remember being a kid and staring down a dark, underground tunnel dared to walk in? The rejuvenated Los Angeles stoner/doom metal band Behold! The Monolith will remind or tell you what you might’ve heard if you went in far enough, turned and couldn’t see daylight. The creators and innovators of atmospheric anxiety will self-release Architects of the Void September 29th via Clawhammer PR. Following ...[Read More]

Afraid of Karma Brings Cyrenne’s Dark Dream to Life

“If you get this in front of the right young women, you could change their lives.” Said show attendee Lexie Lowell of “Afraid of Karma,” an avant-garde multimedia show created by Harmony Jupiter (Cyrenne). “Karma” is about Jupiter overcoming the tragic loss of her sister Hannah Engle, after she was killed by a drunk driver on January 22, 2006 crossing the street in New York City....[Read More]

Colette Miller Giving the World Wings

Colette Miller has been spreading her spirit and talent via the painting palate for many years. Creating her own work inspired by dreams, animals, life and other worthy causes she’s involved in. Since the early 90’s she’s painted animals on everything from bridges to walls to business trucks from Virginia to New York, California to Africa and Tanzania but the art that’s really ‘taken flight’ has b...[Read More]

My LA Manson Experience

The beginning of my interest: Several years ago my friend Andy had the original Manson family documentary. I borrowed it, watched it and thought it was interesting and pretty cool but at the time remembered I hadn’t thought much about it. A few years later I was at Second Time around, a used movie, game and music store in downtown Dayton looking for movies for birthdays or Christmas (can’t remembe...[Read More]

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