Oddbody’s Host Restock Weekend 2017

For the first time since its inception, this year’s Restock stretched to two days turning the weekend of January 27 and 28 into a musically competitive throw down for food, clothes and other necessities to help Dayton’s homeless and families in need. Prior events have been one day affairs, showcasing metal bands and jam bands per respective year. The community love and support got spread out all w...[Read More]

Belphegor Conjures the Dead in Ohio

Austria’s death, black metal blood-stained blasphemers Belphegor played the Buckeye state Saturday Aug. 28. The foursome performed a blackened ceremony to a packed house at Oddbody’s, full of hot, sweaty, somewhat intoxicated followers and disciples. The show was part of the bands 11th North American raid through the U.S. Guitarist/vocalist Helmuth put together a savage live beating for the crowd ...[Read More]

BulletBoys Smooth Up in Dayton

The Long Hot Summer tour came sizzling to Oddbody’s with the BulletBoys Saturday August 6. For those that came to hear the hits that put them on the MTV map, those that followed their career from ’88 to last years’ newest offering Elefante’ and those that might’ve lost track of them at some point through eight records, a covers release and a live CD Marq Torien and company delivered the goods. The...[Read More]

Otep Brings Equal Rights and Lefts to Dayton

On Friday August 5 a very full evening of bands played Oddbody’s as the summer heat drenched outside as much as in. Starting early evening eight bands played the bill. Omeni, Forces of Nature, Watch Them Rot and Epikist handled local support while One Day Waiting started the nationals with Fire from the Gods, Doll Skin and headliner Otep. Xenia’s Omeni started everything. With elements of Hatebree...[Read More]

Oddbody’s Celebrates Two Years with Smile Empty Soul

Two years ago the building formally known for decades as McGuffy’s abruptly closed its doors leaving a large void in the Dayton music scene. Under its former name, the venue had been home to local bands bringing in national names and crowds from the early ‘80s to present day. The building that went from the House of Draft to the House of Rock held its last show on New Year’s Eve 2013. For several ...[Read More]

Oddbodys Hosts Aria Marie Foundation Show

Saturday July 9, four of Dayton’s finest graced the Oddbodys stage supporting the Aria Marie Foundation. The AMF is a foundation founded by the Spradling family which aids in the care and compensation of children during the holidays who have lost one or both parents. The foundation was started as a tribute in memory of their 20 year-old-daughter Aria Marie who went missing in September 2013 near D...[Read More]

Gears Churn for the Young Miami Machine

There’s new blood brewing in the hottest parts of Miami, Florida. With four guys hungry for the road playing shows and venues with high velocity arena attitude, and strength of character proven by a major early-career accident that could’ve and would’ve derailed a lesser inclined band. Playing a mixed sound of Sevendust meets Alice in Chains with some Rage thrown in to keep the show going. From di...[Read More]

GEARS Grind at Oddbody’s

Friday Feb. 12, the Miami heat came back to Dayton in the form of GEARS. The Florida foursome brought two EP’s worth of material to the stage, a seasoned work ethic and an arena sized delivery. Mother nature’s foul mood didn’t keep the faithful from showing up to watch them churn out an hour long set, accompanied by Dayton, regional support Mothers Onion Band, 80 Proof and Shotgun Surprise. The ni...[Read More]

Jake E Lee Brings the Red Dragon Cartel Back to Dayton

Saturday June 13th the guitar legend brought his new cartel back to Dayton for another career go around. With songs spanning his time barking at the moon and committing the ultimate sin with Ozzy. He also journeyed to the badlands and played a few choice cuts from his recent release with Red Dragon Cartel. He’s played and toured with Ozzy and lived to tell about it. Lee had a stint in Ratt’s early...[Read More]

Family Vibez Entertainment Bring Spring Vibrations to Oddbody’s

When the venue formally known as McGuffy’s reopened, the Dayton area was promised a more diverse and revolving number of acts and talent spanning all genres. Promise kept so far as on Saturday April 11th from the horn sections on stage to the people playing poi and the female painters by the bar, Oddbody’s couldn’t have had a more colorful array of visual/musical artistry. Rachel Shultz of Energy ...[Read More]

Bobaflex Rocks Oddbody’s

They avoided or skipped the chaos of Black Friday in Dayton this year but West Virginia’s hardest working band Bobaflex brought the diesel fumed rock as only they could as the black leathered bad men hit the Dayton stage once again on Saturday December 5th. Locals Desalitt brought a unique blend of grunge, punk and metal and the long haired/dread-locked blokes from across the sea October Rage brou...[Read More]

Oddbody’s Host UD Metal Conference After Show with Alex Skolnick

There was an addictively contagious energy in Oddbody’s on Saturday November 8th. Maybe it was due to the night being the top off, after party to three days of multi diverse and cultural information given by respected academic scholars at the University of Dayton on the global impact and culture of metal music and its growing community of supporters. Maybe it was because each of the three bands th...[Read More]

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