Fight the Parasites Tour Kicks off at Thompson House

Friday July 8, six bands played the parlor stage at the Thompson House in Newport, KY. The intimate but cozy setting was the opening night kickoff for fighting the parasites. The tour included headliners In Dying Arms, Sea of Treachery and It Lies Within. The tour headliner In Dying Arms took a co-headliner spot giving Cincinnati’s Sea of Treachery the headliner spot for the opening night. S...[Read More]

One Eyed Doll Plays Newport’s Thompson House

Few duo’s can sound like a full band but Kimberly Freeman and Jason Sewell from Austin’s One Eyed Doll pull it off every show including that night at the Thompson House with vocals, guitar, drums and a sh-load of props. Freeman used several of her personalities’ distinct sweetness and cutie pie looks to keep the crowd entertained. With the innocent charm of Snow White dangling the poison apple out...[Read More]

Powerfest III Pummels Madison Theater

Saturday January 17th Shumatsucon presented the third annual Powerfest showcasing the best of the Cincinnati/Kentucky music scene with a band of merry men making the long voyage from Madison Wisconsin. The seven band bill showcased everything from acoustic scalley-wagged pirates pulled from the ocean floor, armored warlord tyrants dressed to kill, the screaming, yelling frenzy of prog metal, the s...[Read More]

Use Your Illusion/Holy Wood Tribute GNR/Manson in Covington

In the minds of most metal heads of the early to mid-nineties this would’ve been a dream tour to see amongst the ranks of Guns n Roses and Metallica though timeline wise Marilyn Manson was still a spooky kid and GNR was wreaking havoc worldwide, particularly Montreal. Some might even say Axl was the antichrist of his day. However in the world of fantasy concert booking a double bill of GNR support...[Read More]

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