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Black Mare – Death Magick Mother

Imagine the scene in The Shawshank Redemption when Andy plays the record over the PA system as the ladies sing about something so beautiful it couldn’t be put in words. Sera Timms has put words to the music though it’s almost a distant background accompaniment. Like a distant alluring voice in the mist or a hypnotic, subliminal call in a dream. Black Mare is Los Angeles based Timms’ solo endeavor ...[Read More]

Big Brave Welcomes the New Machine

 The bio-mechanical symphony of an iron bound discarded graveyard slowly bent, molded into new form and life could be described as the sounds laid down on Montreal noise busters Big Brave’s Au De La. The five songs give feelings of blow torches, drills, grinders and hammers instead of the guitars and drums that create the gut-churning assembly sounds engraved within. Souls of a new machine dug up,...[Read More]

Wooden Stake Stabs to Kill with New Feast

Wooden Stake rise from their dusty cultic resting place of death and doom armed with their second full-length torch lit, midnight offering from Razorback Records, A Feast Of Virgin Souls. Ten dark opuses of growling, singing and chanting bloodlust that creep down the corridor with a bony white hand sticking out from the black robe, offering dark clandestine invites. The alluring, seductive spoken/...[Read More]

Wailin’ Storms Sends the Shiver

The southern fried Wailin’ Storms of the century was originally molded from the heat of Corpus Christi, Texas then migrated to Durham, North Carolina. With a whisky poured mind altering mix of country punk. With nods and shots of swamp gas, the beasts are conjured up through the dark Elvis wail of guitarist Justin Storms. Classic country rock and rigor mortis gone bad as drummer Mark Oates, bassis...[Read More]

Midas Fall Reveals the Menagerie Inside

At times during the Menagerie Elizabeth Heaton’s voice could be as fragile as stained glass, as despaired and pain stricken as a grieving widow and as widely poetic as a vocal savant. Yet there is great storytelling in her depressed lungs. Her exhales could wrap your heart and throat into a knot of pain, awe or pleasure. The band is a combination of acid rock fusion, gothic elements, classic piano...[Read More]

Atavismo’s Atmosphere’s of Desintegracion

“Desintegracion” goes on ethereal journeys from cosmic seas of instrumentation to the heavenly cosmos, with trippy, but not drug related mixes of 70’s space age effects with a 60’s psychedelic exploration. Atavismo hail from Algeciras, Spain and could be considered a walking, playing science experiment in sound structure and musical shifts. Whether rocking out like space aces or bringing out the m...[Read More]

Unbreakable Hatred Offers the Ruins

What if Max Cavalera fronted a post-apocalyptic Deicide? From start to finish Ruins, is an unstoppable, unbreakable panic attack on the ear that might answer that question. Torture chamber drums beating down harder and faster than your average hate wielding enemy. Sharp, unrelenting guitars that smash overhead without apologies or apathy until you hear them in your nightmares and bass that adds th...[Read More]

Immortal Bird’s New Dark Mechanical Vision: Empress/Abscess

Sounding like the nuts, bolts and inner circularity of a new machine being slammed, sewn, welded and stitched together with the rapid-fire care of an assembly line creation, Immortal Bird brings its new debut full length out from the dark automated corner into the spotlight. It’s a definite noisemaker from its creators with parts incorporated from death and black metal. It’s technical and brutal c...[Read More]

Opul Releases Three Song Levels EP

This chilling winter, Nefarious Industries will warmly release the latest EP from solo act Opul, the solo venture by Matt Lupo of East of The Wall on January 13th digitally to the frigid, shaking hands of the public. Being a main figure in the changing identity of what was The Postman Syndrome in the early 2000s, to what is now East of The Wall, guitarist and vocalist Matt Lupo has again stepped o...[Read More]

Dreadlords Unleash the Death Angel

  Dreadlords containing members of Panther Modern and T.O.M.B., hailing from the general Philadelphia PA area, take the serpent off the bible, tossing it into the holy water starting the sermon with a background southern sizzle. The blues were meant to be bad, psychedelic’s were meant to be mood/perception altering, black metal was born from inherent rebellion as folk was a social statement o...[Read More]

Child Bite’s Strange Waste

Michigan noise punk experimenters, Child Bite, bring forth the unique cathartic and artistically obnoxious banging’s of their Strange Waste EP on Housecore Records. Its music for losers, so they say of the nine-track recording, recorded and self-produced at Russian Recording in Indianapolis, Indiana. Strange Waste is the follow-up to their Morbid Hits EP, a collection of Anal Cunt covers with Phil...[Read More]

Hideous Divinity: Cobra Verde

  Somewhere between Italy and Norway in late 2006 Hour Of Penance’s Enrico Schettino started Hideous Divinty www.facebook.com/hideousdivinity/timeline  with the band immediately making an impression with their 2007 demo Sinful Star Necrolatry. They signed a three album deal with Unique Leader Records after the Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway. In late July 2011 they recorded Obeisance Rising ...[Read More]

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