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Der Blaue Reiter Bring the Apocalypse

The music you hear paints vast, rapid-fire visuals of epic battles under swirling angry skies, swords and sorcery that span the ages as mystical militant queens cast visages upon army’s marching to conquer and industrial noises of production coming from the darkest, most hidden corners of a darkened land. These are the sounds created by Barcelona-based neoclassical darkwave outfit, Der Blaue Reite...[Read More]

Torch Runner Releases Endless Nothing

  Greensboro noise-grinders Torch Runner have unleashed their new LP Endless Nothing via Southern Lord. Clocking in at about 22 minutes because a minute more or less might cause cranial damage or disappointment to the educated ear; the disk is an unrelenting perpetual fist smash salute to the chaos of early punk and sounds a guitar should be scared to make. The follow up to 2012’s Committed t...[Read More]

Incarnated Insist You Try Before Die

  From the cold dank waters and surroundings of Poland, Zombieland starts the loud, brain stomping disk with the sounds of the almost dead, breathing their last troubled breaths gasping for air as life support gives out and flat-line. Drums then smash you in the face out of nowhere leaving scarring with bass and guitar that’s being bound and quartered. Pierscien’s voice of the dead opens, gro...[Read More]

Portland’s Drunk Dad Unleashes The Ripper Killer

    Yes, it sounds like a new Judas Priest song but Portland, Oregon’s, Drunk Dad, is about to unload their debut LP Ripper Killer. Five Pack opens like a guitar choking on beer, gasping for air going down the wrong tube. Singer/guitarist Dane Herrin screams out the lungs of the mic filling the track with a dirty, grungy punk noise rush, shaking the week old mountain of beer cans in the...[Read More]

Beauty and the Beat

Few names in rock and metal illicit more opinion, praise and passion than Tarja Turunen. The three-octave soprano takes her stage encompassing voice to the romantic classical arena belting out classics from Bach, Strauss and Mozart, along with rock fueled anthems from Led Zeppelin, Queen and her own catalogue. Veteran rock drummer Mike Terrana blasts out his own voice with loud, thunderous crescen...[Read More]

Anette Olzon Shines Once Again

  The voice of Dark Passion Play/Imaginaerum era Nightwish has returned with her first solo album on Armoury Records in conjunction with Ear Music, Shine. Those who fell in love with the pop, bubble gum perfect, soothing caress of Anette Olzon’s  vocal charm can rest assured its present throughout the 10 new tracks. A recording that showcases her unique range carrying elements of hope, fragil...[Read More]

Dwellers Release The Pagan Fruits Of Labor

  What would a jam session circa mid-late 60’s, early 70’s sound like if Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, The Doors, Soundgarden, Grand Funk Railroad and Alice In Chains were all jamming in the same room with Glenn Danzig, Layne Staley and Chris Cornell trading vocals? Pagan Fruit takes the darkness from Sabbath, dark depressive tones of Alice, the trippy psychedelics of The Doors blending each int...[Read More]

Pyrrhon Gives Us The Mother Of Virtues

  New York City progressive death metal collective and recent Relapse  signees, Pyrrhon  (pronounced peer-on), emerge from the urban decay with a new full-length. Death metal growls, vocals with mixtures of Entombed and Ministry, basement black metal screeches and ingredients, heavily influenced Gorguts sound and breakdowns. This could be their Colored Sands. The Oracle of Nassau starts out w...[Read More]

Die Choking Release Debut EP

Philadelphia’s brutalizing manic grind/thrash trio, Die Choking raided the opening slot of the Decibel Magazine Tour April 12th date with Noisem, Gorguts, The Black Dahlia Murder and Carcass also hammering ‘bangers in Pittsburgh on April 24th with label mates, Enabler. At a staggering pace and running time of in or around six minutes the EP carries five raw, loud, superfast tunes embra...[Read More]

T.O.M.B’s Pennhurst/Xesse Issued By Crucial Blast

    T.O.M.B. (Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy). Founded in 1996, heavily influenced/inspired by the ideology and themes of ‘black’ in black metal and being drawn to death, destruction and the occult, T.O.M.B’s music was started in cemeteries and doors from mausoleums and crypts were literally banged on for percussion. Also using electrical devices to capture field recording and noise...[Read More]

Stoneburner’s Life Drawing

 Portland sludge grinders and recent Neurot family additions, Stoneburner, have unleashed their new full-length, Life Drawing. The follow-up to their 2012 debut, Sickness Will Pass, which The Sludgelord appropriately crowned “an ugly, visceral and truly terrifying beast of an album,” with www.metalunderground.com  dubbing it “a bruising sludge/doom debut that’s the perfect antidote to the dog days...[Read More]

Dead In The Manger Tease With Transience

Olympia, Washington based 20 Buck Spin continuously defies what extreme music genres are capable of with the label’s vast juggernaut roster containing top-tier acts from all realms and scenes of the underground and below, continuing this tradition with the introduction of the new mysterious entity known as Dead In The Manger. Very little information was given to 20 Buck Spin regarding the unknown ...[Read More]

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