Pyrrhon Gives Us The Mother Of Virtues

Pyrrhon Gives Us The Mother Of Virtues


New York City progressive death metal collective and recent Relapse  signees, Pyrrhon  (pronounced peer-on), emerge from the urban decay with a new full-length.

Death metal growls, vocals with mixtures of Entombed and Ministry, basement black metal screeches and ingredients, heavily influenced Gorguts sound and breakdowns. This could be their Colored Sands.

The Oracle of Nassau starts out with grinding thrash and is a message/warning from the most desolate, forgotten of souls about the future. White Flag’s gloomy atmosphere begins with noise echoes with murky guitar chords and at almost ten minutes delivers decimation into musical insanity with the willful surrender of pride and voluntary violation just to stay alive. Sleeper Agent plays like the construction of a bio mechanical army, being the lost and unacknowledged agent of fortune carrying out the mission that doesn’t officially exist. Balkanized is a bludgeoning to the brain and senses telling the tale and atrocities of war ravaged soldiers, trained to do the same thing on command without remorse to their ‘rival’ version’s. Eternity In A Breathe is a slow psychopathic drug trip of atmospheric noise and ambiance and an eight minute progressive death version of Planet Caravan, lyrically interpreting/experiencing the end moments of a dream.

Implant Fever gets back to the acid tipped vocal style. The last bits of humanity are thought out as man becomes machine. Invisible Injury has the cleanest vocals of the bunch putting a Ministry like sarcasm on the vox going into a death metal arena. The soothing words of laboratory/asylum doctors, treating your conditions, assuring you of improvement while making sure you stay put. The Parasite In Winter is black metal territory with frost bit dementia out of screeching, screaming guitars as you will soon leave this place of weakness and disease, saying goodbye to the lonely hallways and empty used up beds. The Mother Of Virtues-chanting done backwards proclaiming the praise of Fecundity turning into a monstrosity of guitar manipulating menagerie.

Vocalist Doug Moore explains: “We focused on capturing an organic, spontaneous sound on this album. Consequently, we tracked most of the album live; most of its quieter moments and solo breaks are partially or entirely improvised. We like to let the chips fall where they may.”

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