The Courtyard

Valentine’s Day Massacre at The Courtyard

It’s said that love can be a real icy cold-hearted bitch. Whether it’s an ice pick to the back, heart or below sub-zero temperatures that feel like a cold sickle to the spine. Saturday February 14th’s music brought out the heat and warmed the coldest metal heart from dusk and her cold embrace after the sun went down. Though the outside was an icy tundra, inside the Courtyard was a loud metal waste...[Read More]

The Big Four of Dayton Release Quadruple CD’s at Courtyard Lounge

  It wasn’t a stadium or in Sofia, Bulgaria but any of the five bands that played Saturday July 5th could be considered in Dayton’s big thrash four debate. The crowd turned out in droves, jamming the cramped but cozy ‘by metal standards’ space of the Courtyard Lounge into a shroud of die hard, shoulder to shoulder black t-shirts sweating, screaming, yelling along, to Dayton’s ‘metal uniformed...[Read More]

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