Spitfire Lounge

Vandalia Vixens Ignite Spitfire Lounge

    Saturday October 13 three female powerhouse voices played the Spitfire stage. Some growled, some sang, some yelled but all carried and delivered one hell of a vocal wallop. Windowing Hollow productions once again books another kick ass show, this time showcasing the ladies. The evening also celebrated one brand new special lady in the form of W.H. promoter John’s new granddaughter Ja...[Read More]

Scale the Summit at the Spitfire Lounge

It’s been said that music is the universal language, transcending the spoken word and communication not just on an audible level but conveying emotion, unspoken thoughts, messages and conjuring images and pictures without a single utterance. Saturday night September 15th  at The Spitfire in Vandalia Winding Hollow Productions presented four bands that played the stage to an appreciative crowd with...[Read More]

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