Vandalia Vixens Ignite Spitfire Lounge

Vandalia Vixens Ignite Spitfire Lounge



Saturday October 13 three female powerhouse voices played the Spitfire stage. Some growled, some sang, some yelled but all carried and delivered one hell of a vocal wallop. Windowing Hollow productions once again books another kick ass show, this time showcasing the ladies. The evening also celebrated one brand new special lady in the form of W.H. promoter John’s new granddaughter Jalyn Michelle born at 1pm at 7lbs 1 ounce.

Up first A ClockWork Soul featuring blonde Amazonian bombshell Mystie Rose sporting steel coated vocal chords that growl, screech, yell and sooth the most gentle or jaded of ears. Dressed in black, sporting handcuffs, chains, biker attire and who knows what else, Rose has a ‘slightly’ commanding, dominating presence earning her femme fatale status. She looks like she belongs on any stage she chooses to stand on. A modern day Janis Joplin with attitude and a little Otep too, with a voice carrying the husky sexiness of Nina Blackwood that will growl you into submission and claw its way gently into your heart. She’s not the kind of girl who has to act tough, she legitimately looks like she could step into a cage and maim someone then sing a song about it.

Until The End carries a living on the mean streets, fight for survival desolation. Rose growls into the mic shaking with violent rage, eyes wide with killer instinct and a lioness’s fury. Tonight she lays claim to queen of the jungle. The soft synth waved intro of Out There is treated with her softer voice picking up fever as she goes. She sings with the voice of experience, carrying, delivering the emotions and living the stories within the songs. Count The Ways is all about that special someone we meet and think the search is over then find out she’s a complete psycho bitch. They do a very unexpected tribute to Don Henley with The Boys of Summer. I doubt any Henley song will ever be played that heavy or loud again. In conclusion, Out on the road today, I saw a ClockWork Soul sticker on a Cadillac, a little voice inside my head said ‘Don’t look back you can never look back.’

Named after a song by Men at Work’s Colin Hay, Dayton’s Gathering Mercury play with a rock, metal, punk attitude all of which are reflected in singer/guitarist Ashley Stacey’s hot hairdo. The young runaway sports a remarkable resemble to Kelly Osbourne and Jane Wiedlin playing with the same rebellious heart and youth. Her vocals carry the attitude and cat like scratch of Joan Jett. While her influences range from Avril Lavigne to Pat Benatar to Pink, she’s been performing since age 9 which now would make her 18th year sound like a veteran age. Her style doesn’t carry the in your face soulful wailing of Janis Joplin but instead packages it in a more subtle but attractive manor.  She sings the songs with a mix of innocent breathy delivery, edgy feminine punk aggression and inherent cuteness with the seeds of success firmly planted. They play originals I Give, Not Too Late and Nothing To Me with a catchy indie rock flavor while the laid back bluesy Where The Others Go flirts with ballad territory every few minutes but sticks with its loud sound. They also showed respect to the music culture of the early 70’s playing some Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo perhaps louder than Johnny Winter or Rick Derringer ever intended. Bassist Quique Bucio even dressed up for the occasion.  They also decide to Paint It Black with The Rolling Stones and the wild frantic playing, soloing of guitarist Max Mobarry flipping his red mane around like his head was on fire.

Today’s a good day to be Killed By Art. Though they play with a certain murderous skill their sound is nothing but life affirming to the ears. Singer Kimberly Weiss’s soulful gritty voice takes a page from 4 Non Blondes Linda Perry. They break out the best grit and grime of the good grunge. Roots plays with a down n dirty guitar dragging the water straight from the Louisiana bayou.  She pulls Joplin’s spirit from the other side incorporating it into her own tribute to the lost voices of history. CD opener Stolen starts out smooth as silk loaded with bass emotion slowly building up a few catchy up and downward spiral hills tag teaming with heavy guitar crescendos.   New tunes Down and Dark Hero were tried out and met with loud reaction.

The bands sound resembles a mosh pit mixture of Alice In Chains, Down, Fight and BLS. Weiss’s voice has an Eurythmic charm with lots of Heart and maybe a hint of GA GA. Their CD Habeas Corpus can be downloaded at

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