Opul Releases Three Song Levels EP

Opul Releases Three Song Levels EP

This chilling winter, Nefarious Industries will warmly release the latest EP from solo act Opul, the solo venture by Matt Lupo of East of The Wall on January 13th digitally to the frigid, shaking hands of the public.

Being a main figure in the changing identity of what was The Postman Syndrome in the early 2000s, to what is now East of The Wall, guitarist and vocalist Matt Lupo has again stepped outside and aside of all associated band configurations, to write and record the three track Levels as Opul.

His fourth solo recording delivers plenty of guitar made atmospheres and ambiance along with melodic vocals that take to the sky with astral heights and auditory flights playing all instruments himself providing that every note and sound heard and experienced is of his own accord. Twenty minutes of ear beautifying precession.

Think of it as an experiment of what Pink Floyd, Sting/The Police, Radiohead, heavy indie rock with bits of folk and The Beach Boys gone dark would sound like spread across three distinctive songs.

“Presence” has lots of heavy indie rock cranked out of the guitars as “Velocity & Saturation” bring the psychedelics with guitars and vocals exploring strange new landscapes producing sounds of tranquility and serenity, with “Clarity” closing the threesome with a folk delivery of a happier sounding, less dark Tool.


Album photo credit Vacant Eye Photography

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