Atavismo’s Atmosphere’s of Desintegracion

Atavismo’s Atmosphere’s of Desintegracion

Desintegracion” goes on ethereal journeys from cosmic seas of instrumentation to the heavenly cosmos, with trippy, but not drug related mixes of 70’s space age effects with a 60’s psychedelic exploration.

Atavismo hail from Algeciras, Spain and could be considered a walking, playing science experiment in sound structure and musical shifts. Whether rocking out like space aces or bringing out the most minimal and simplistic power of single notes, they dive into a plethora of sound, noise and mind expanding planetary and other worldly dwellings.

“Blazava” is all of 11 ½ minutes starting with the scattered voices of the Necronomicon racing from the depths as radio tuners try to dial into other atmospheres, dimensions and time continuums. Bass provides the background for Floyd inspired guitars that announce desolation but tell a slow climbing story of hope. The music seems to travel time and terrain in the same song as notes spill out secluded desert heat giving last chances of survival, pointing the way home. There’s hope in those hills, stretching over red, sun drenched rock. Most of the four-song EP might be floating high above in the sky and stars but this opener ends showing the desert can have its own jam session below space.

The “Kraken” is unleashed with a comforting twang and folk hippie feel introducing vocals. There’s a classic, garage rock vibe met as the music moves from soft, to bombastic to epic with its mid-tune shift change. It could be their “2112.”

“Oceanica” wades in the tranquil tickle of Uber noise waves. Female vocals give a haunting but comfortable vibe complimenting atmospheric notes, exploring the vast reaches of the universe on earth bound instruments.

“Meeh” comes from the basement with creative drops as guitars drip notes into a sea corroded by multi-changing styles. Cosmic chant-like vocals are kept in orbit by salt of the earth drums and bass. With a certain ominous bordering tension hanging off the performance they close into the long, final jam.

Desintegración was released on CD via Nor On Label Records last year and was released on vinyl in June via Temple Of Torturous.

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