Kabbalah – Spectral Ascent

Kabbalah – Spectral Ascent

Kabbalah comes from Pamplona, Spain, comprised of drummer Carmen, bassist Marga formerly of local band Las Culebras and guitarist Alba. The curiosity of the esoteric mystery’s that loom in the darker realms of witchcraft and closed door arts intrigued the ladies to create new music in 2013. They began a unique, impressive cycle of music that’s progressed to this year’s Spectral Ascent.

Primitive Stone was released in 2015 with momentum continuing to 2016’s Revelations. Each release combines elements of the ‘60s psychedelic and retro ‘70s groove. Doom rock sung by siren’s with witchy influences, occult vibes and a seductive eeriness.  

Music shakes and slithers like a coiling snake. Songs sung with each line as a vocal kiss reaching into the ear with a soothing forked tongue.

The three ladies combined could be the occult version of Medaeval Baebes, Drain STH and possibly the dark side of ABBA.

“Spectral Ascent” trips along in a dance with astral keys like sparkling illuminating stars like a cosmic ballerina in a space aged music box floating into the dark heavens.

“Resurrected” brings forth the trippy drug fueled feel of the ‘60s and groovy ‘70s with half witch’s Sabbat and carnival carousel ride atmosphere.  Like a witchy side show attraction implanted in the mind through the ears as something wicked comes.

“Phantasmal Planetoid” brings some distorted Sabbath for the ladies, with ’70 rock flair. Soothing yet suspect with enchanting bits of spellbinding atmosphere like watching a ceremonial dance, unsure of what’s being summoned or conjured.

More sludgy imprints come on “The Darkest End” with crystal ball footsteps in the dark, like raindrops, falling from a Susperia inspired run through the woods or a Pentagram inspired song. Notes hit like sirens, in a ritualistic dance or tribal confession with the beast waiting in the dark.

“The Reverend” spreads over ominously, like a serpent eyes its prey or a closed door private blasphemy. “The Darkness of Time” plays Sabbath all day, with fuzzy strings and a strange-brewed groove. Like a rave under the influence of its participants.

“Dark Revelation” pulls at the membrane like a hot bubbling trip that doesn’t wanna end. “The Shadow” churns slowly like incense burning, the scent slowly escaping the stick, filling the room with mind bending aroma as dark figures dance on the walls.

“The Presence” is a nice, ending chug along, like a good engine that could and did deliver.


Now available on Twin Earth Records.



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