Old Crow Bar

3rd Annual Operation Giving Back Christmas at Old Crow Bar

KuttingEdge Promotions hosted their third annual Christmas benefit fundraiser at the Old Crow bar in Middle Saturday December 10. The Skull Dollz were there painting faces as eight bands from the area performed raising money and holiday cheer for four families in need. Some sweet autographed merch was raffled off along with signed band gear, guitars and tickets for upcoming events. TUFF, Valora, B...[Read More]

Shadowkasket Invokes Heart-Shaped Massacre in Middletown

While the candy, roses and warm fuzzy cards were bought last minute around the country, the Old Crow Bar in Middletown brought what every lovely metal maiden with a big heart wanted on Valentine’s Eve. Loud, screaming metal and a bunch of guys in masks that looked very familiar with the phrase my bloody valentine. Kutting Edge Promotions brought the heavily hyped show to Middletown with four bands...[Read More]

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