Moshpits & Lighters III Sells Out McGuffys

Moshpits & Lighters III Sells Out McGuffys

December 17 McGuffy’s House of Rock cleared the seats and tables for a standing room only sell-out crowd of 500+ gathered to watch 8 bands play the one and only of its kind annual metal showcase spotlighting local talent and a few state bordering and elsewhere local friends. Seconds Fall, Nightbeast, Chambers of Chaos, Amongst Villains, The Action Blast, Avenue Sky, My Name in Vain and In The Cut played a nightlong showcase plowing through tunes and pummeling heads, brain cells and earlobes.

Seconds Fall/In The Cut singer Daniel DeDoncker was the mastermind behind the nights event. The goal was to sell out McGuffys with a local show and he accomplished it with lots of old school hard work dedication, heart and a true passion for music. He wanted to book a show with his favorite local/regional bands breaking the traditional 3-4 band bill with an entire evening of talent playing music across the spectrum. Bands both similar and completely different of each other are part of DeDonckers vision.  Another future goal is to organize 3-4 like events a year while opening for national bands. To sweeten the deal if DeDoncker and Co sold out Dayton’s House of Rock they’d earn a signed guitar on the coveted wall of fame. 2 ½ months of advertising went into the show using all social media outlets also employing  grassroots methods of word of mouth and multiple flier copies. The show focuses on all types of rock, and eventually he wants to do an outdoor event, a local X-Fest of sorts.

After three years apart DeDonckers first band Seconds Fall played an acoustic reunion set opening festivities. The band played the first two Moshpits & Lighters shows at Badda Bings in Kettering breaking bar attendance and sales records that night, and surpassing that number the year after. Past show alumni includes Fluwid, Occams Razor, Orange Williard, Chapter of Progress, Inept and Negative Process among others.

For the shows third year they enlisted the help of local ink masters Truth n Triumph Tattoo and model talents of Megyn, Jeni, Jenn, Courtney and Tonya the bewitching tattooed beauties of the Michigan Twisted Angels.

Local stand up Funny Bone regular laugh riot Bizcuit MC’d the show opening with his trademark tearful farewell to Twinkies and all out ariel assault of oatmeal crème cookies.
Seconds Fall started with the Lighter stuff, breaking out the electric acoustics for a stripped down performance that really brought out the emotion of all songs performed. Tesla did the five man acoustic jam, Seconds Fall did it with three. A lyrically passionate heavy set brought out by 12 electrically acoustic strings gave us Insignificant, End of Our Time, We All Need Hero’s, Don’t Give Up On Me and the first song they wrote Lipstick Revenge. DeDonker proves big hulking metal dudes can leave the beast growls and screaming in the dressing room (till later) and work the vocals a different way singing some beautiful tunes. They finished with Congulate concluding the Lighter side of things.

The cranium crunching began with Chambers of Chaos. Max Headroom yellow Mohawk sporting, slick sunglasses wearing Shaun Clark dared everyone to Enter My Ring growling out an aggressive pounding sound borrowing vox from Dez Fafara mixed with some dirty evil sounding Godsmack with a punk attack from somewhere beneath the earth. There’s definite chaos in the guitars bringing out a mass riot of a sound. They look like a nice friendly bunch of metal blokes, until they’re Pushed to Stand Against something with a deep rooted melody. We’re all Faceless in the crowd enjoying the heavy hype on stage. They leave us hungry for more with the darkly melodious long Kiss of Goodnight. Clark yells his lyrical agenda to the gathering with the fury of a dictator at the podium who wasn’t shy about flashing the bird, letting it soar for all to see. (Metal’s one of the very few genre’s where the middle finger can be used as a sign of camaraderie and respect).

Straight up north from the cold depths of Flint Michigan come Avenue Sky with a chilled string intro launching into Day of the Intruder. They Breathe one part metal, one part coffee house rock and one part indie aura. Formed in 2008, their influences are as diverse and unique as their onstage show. Dragonflies rings out with a jingling, jangling coffee house ballad feel, the strings almost having a piano like effect. According to Kevin Swisher, you ’can’ make babies to this song. A Storm That Burns is sung with an almost Michael Sweet (Stryper) delivery between the growling. There are some nice doses of sporadic /spastic fast footed dancing fury. Swisher and Co play homage to Killswitch Engage and King X’s Doug Pinnick.

Amongst Villains

McGuffy’s regulars Amongst Villains return hot off their set supporting Psychostick a few weeks back. Hardcore sweater wearer Josh Marshall rocked the holy living Huxtable out of his wholly holiday gear, sporting a killer ’stash. He can make any fabric look angry as he screams himself flannel red, throwing himself into everything he does. AV are a band that just can’t stop moving. They play their patented blend of hard, rough but southern strong proofed metal on Heavy is the Crown and a trip down the darkened bayou on Black River Ruin. They take us To The Grave Dragging Hell along the way.

Suddenly a fan took the stage grabbed the mic and unleashed a hypnotic fury of beats, blasts, human throat noises uttering danceable delicacies to the crowd while Nightbeast prepared to roar. Security and staff were too in awe watching him take his vocal chords to almost indescribable heights in a Bobby McFerrin on steroids performance to stop him.

Shaking in the cellar, scared out of your mind, breath fights for freedom as the beast lurks by. Fingers scratch the surface, as night air seeps in, blood red eyes pierce the darkness as your end comes….. crashing through the wall.  Well, maybe not as evil as that night beast but with no less a killer instinct for performance Dayton’s Nick Testa aka The Nightbeast, Lonn Friends unofficial twin brother plays a show unique in its presence and somewhat indescribable for the pen to translate. They show up with their own club mix, a band that must be seen to be properly heard and yes, they are a bit different. They bring out the shirtless inked aggression in true comedic form. Blending top 40, rap, hip hop, rock and ska, NightBeast ’could be’ best described as a schizophrenic natural ruthied dance club rock show tattooed male review remix on wheels. We start the pawty on a Fullride, no worries your future educations taken care of. Living Large is the on key Biz Markie version of Will Smith’s Summertime. They add Tenanious D, Weird Al Yankovic lyrics to a dizzying range of performance art and bizarre hijinks. But without PG-X rated humor there can be no Anger Phase. Those topless souls brave enough to perform with him include Sean Patton, Robbie Bauer, Jordan Elam, Ryan ’Asher’ Jones and John Lakes.

My Name in Vain took the stage with towering skyscraper Josh ’slinky’ Miller at the helm celebrating their first year as a band playing heavy artillerist paced music with a thick shovel in steamy blacktop in maximum security grit feel. We took a trip back to the river bathhouse in all our shame because we’re all Poor People. Santa came out to spread some holiday cheer before he Departed.  (Writers note: MNIV was the first local and mainstream band I’ve reviewed for the website (Static X show) so seeing them again and being there was extra special for me)

Chicago’s Action Blast came out ready to prove all the Disbeliever’s wrong, performing with a solid serving of rock, hard melody, and infectious vocals combining the singing Skillet/Killswitch Engage style with God Forbid appearance and screaming. They tap the audiences reserve tank with some hard rock addictive octane. After they hit us with The Plague, they offer us some tail from the headless chick that’ll leave any man stone faced. By the end they’d Erased any doubt they came to deliver the Chi-Town goods.
The evenings local hero’s/headliners, In the Cut, hit the stage bringing the party to the people, honoring those who lasted all night with shots, hot chicks dancing, Santa Clause on guitar and giving the crowd plenty of loud face time. Also celebrating their first year as a band, the Onslaught started symbolically Crossing the Rubicon on stage. They didn’t wait Until the End to pull out a blistering blast of super 80’s power ballads. Tonight’s show had indeed been an incredible Journey of personal triumph and victory for DeDoncker and all performers proving that hard work and dedication does pay off and the local scene can and does carry  hardcore heavyweight drawing power. If Tomorrow Never Comes we’ll all feast and get Wasted on Hatred Divine. We finish M&L’s trio show with the voice of its creator from creation to damnation, from Eden to Exile. Their next show will be opening for religious icons P.O.D. on February 9th.


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