Candlelight Records

Pet Slimmers of the Year

  Tool meets Opeth with a few visits from Pink Floyd could describe the UK based trio Pet Slimmers of the Year. A rare breed, making instrumental music interesting with limited to no vocals. They transcend genres with multi-layered guitars, hypnotic bass lines, crushing riffs and groove oriented drum patterns. They formed in 2008, releasing a self-titled EP in 2009 gaining rave reviews earnin...[Read More]

King Parrot Will Bite Your Head Off

Youngy, Mr. White, Squiz, Slatts and Skitz have come from Australia to kick ass and Bite Your Head Off with thrash, grind and old school punk at hardcore volume with genre smashing speed and aggression, giving new meaning to Parrot Head. The five piece Melbourne medley play extreme music that’s uniquely Australian with their energy, presence and humor and are well renowned for their aggressive and...[Read More]

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