Cavalera Conspiracy bring Bloody Roots to Dayton

Cavalera Conspiracy bring Bloody Roots to Dayton

Saturday October 8, Oddbody’s was a wall to wall, pit to pit, circular and otherwise sea of mass humanity. Dayton sold out the iconic venue for a night stacked with bands local to international. It was an all-night flux of styles and sounds from metal, rock, industrial and the tribal sounds of Brazil.

The Cavalera brothers Max and Igor made the Ohio stop a show to remember as they controlled the crowd eliciting massive praise in-pit fashion and crowd surfing for the Return to Roots tour. The brothers put Brazil on the map for metal heads back in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s with the legendary Sepultura. With breakout albums Arise and Chaos A.D. with some Headbangers Ball help, they toured the world leading the charge with Max’s trademark yell “We are Sepultura from Brazil!” However this tour was about celebrating the landmark Roots album start to finish.

With the 20th anniversary of the record, the re-united brothers were back playing together as fans rejoiced. They played Hara Arena back in the ‘90s and Max with Soulfly under the McGuffys banner.

Slaves Among Death, Hellraiser, Temper, Crooked Rook and Forces of Nature lent support to the nationals spread from Canada to Brazil to Europe. Oni began the tour with All Hail the Yeti and Combichrist giving direct support to Cavalera Conspiracy.

Slaves Among Death opened the show asking if everyone was ready to relive their childhood (or teen) memories tonight. They offered a free EP for anyone that wanted some complimentary screaming ear candy to hold over till more music was available. With a jamming blend of morbid sounding style they cranked out “Fate” among other originals. An image video for “Fake” is in the making so send all funny, embarrassing captured moments their way.

Hellraiser came up to scare and shred. Vocalist/guitarist Scott Wilson brought out the man behind the mask. Wilson screeched out the pipes on “Believers” combining thrash with a heavy punk stomping pace. “Victim” growled with blood from the teeth, dancing in the painted star circle. “Mirror Mirror” screamed loud and merciless, like a serial killer smashing his reflection.  They have upcoming shows at The Courtyard November 5 and supporting Abigail Williams on December 9 at Hanks Pub.

Temper came out to deliver loud and decisive anger rock. The thrashy, gruff jam of tough love, real talk “Own Your Shit” started with the clean vocals of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Kevin Nolan. He announced from the onset that he quit his job to be there tonight, true dedication.  To all the non-existent fathers that do the deed but skip out on the result, “Dead Beat” gave a genuine, heartfelt F.U. The kids want revenge.  “The Boss” took charge, musically smacking faces and cracking heads.

Cincinnati’s female fronted Crooked Rook took over before the mighty Forces of Nature did their trademark stage plunder. Led by raven haired Bree Chapman. The songs were a bit Opeth in length however the three epics fit together nicely. “Alone” started melodious like a tranquil sea of notes flowing into the waves, smashed and blended in by rock guitars. A Fleetwood vibe with Heart strings dark marching into ending guitar solos. Chapman channeled Pat Benatar on “Sucker Punch” with driving guitar playing atmospheric tension.

Forces came out on the stage they’ve practically made their own giving direct support to the nationals. The opening jugular ripper “Magnus Lee” started the local pit appreciation. “Forest of Corpses” spread the iron-fisted violent enchantment. Besides, full body impalement’s very metal. Mary’s chronic hate is often a show staple. They ended playing some loud D&D on “Deception” and “Devices.” They’ll play the Metal in Strange Places after party on Saturday Oct. 22.


Canadian pride took the stage with Ontario’s Oni blasting out some roaring technical, progressive metal. Named after a shape-shifting Japanese demon, they’ve modeled their sound and delivery after its ominous force. Formed in 2014, they recently signed to Metal Blade incorporating a rarity in metal with John D. playing a Xylo-synth on stage.

The audience sampled their prog-tech sound with the clean/growling vocals of namesake vocalist Jake Oni on “Eternal Recurrence.”  A “Barn Burner” was both delivered and performed with guitarists Martin Andres and Brandon White playing math problems on their strings.

L.A.’s All Hail the Yeti came to play some down home, flannel-clad metal. Gone were the animal bones of previous tours. Their ‘70s, prog-rich trippy, psychedelic sounds blended Corrosion with Down and some backwoods mystery potions, moonshine strong. Playing tunes from Screams From A Black Wilderness “Sun Will Never Set” began the southern gospel. The “Plague Dance” brought out the walkers and the dead.

Vocalist Connor Garritty came casually dressed, top-buttoned for war and marked for ritual induction. “Before the Flames” drank in the initiation of spirits, blood lust and a lesser god. Older tune “Art of Mourning” went old west seeking outlaw justice. “After the Great Fire” went cultish, destroying the young and innocent. They ended the ceremony with “Mr. Murder.”

Direct support came from the painted up faces of Atlanta’s Combichrist. Dressed to kill and painted for damnation. It was like Mad Max having a desert storm collision with the dark side of Braveheart. The show showcased double drums, flying sticks and half the members masked in shadow, was a doomsday delivery by electro-industrial destruction.

Death began with “Slakt” then skulls got crushed in a moshing manner, you son of a bitch. The electric guitar sizzle of “Exit Eternity” segued into the industrial march and stomp of “Never Surrender.” “No Redemption” sprayed out an uber-paced speed dance.

Walkers and moshers feasted on the “Zombie Fist Fight.” Everyone staggered to the finish. The love spilt over on “Can’t Control” as bass dragged over the Ministry-esque megaphoned “Time Again.” Whether you wake up in a pile of bodies or make the snakes dance in the flames it’s “My Life My Rules.” The party ended with praise to the maggots.


Cavalera Conspiracy  came out to a full house of Sepultura worshippers ready for a full flaunted tribal experience. “Roots Bloody Roots” started the ritual. Cavalera brought out the berimbau signaling it was time for some “Attitude.” The crowd bumped and bounced to “Cut-Throat” and danced to “Ratamahatta.”

“Breed Apart” led to Max spewing “Straight Hate” demanding the tribe to scream.  What goes around, comes around! “Circle pit motherfuckers!” “Spit.” This tour was one of the few times they’ve played “Look Away” live. Cavalera screamed into the mic “Fucking “Dusted.””

These roots will always remain, “Born Stubborn.” “On the drums Igor Cavalera!” “Jasco” played over the speakers as the stage cleared for Cavalera to throw down on “Itsari.” Max and crew came back to “Ambush.” When you go down, go down fighting!

They brought out the tribal drums for a jam. “First time we did that tonight for you motherfuckers. You witnessed history, first time ever.” “Endangered Species.” “Everybody get in the circle pit, no excuse.



Get in the pit and destroy this fucking place, “Dictatorshit.”” They encored with a slow song from a band from Switzerland. “Procreation (of the Wicked).” A tribute to God ended the night with the “Ace of Spades.”




Images by Mike Ritchie


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  1. Unforgettable night,wonderful performance,I saw for the third time Max Cavalera,he is the reason I started to sing metal since I was teenager! Onor and respect to you, my brother in roots Max.

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