Cybernetic Witch Cult- Spaceous Cretaceous

Cybernetic Witch Cult- Spaceous Cretaceous

The three-man band Cybernetic Witch Cult bring doom, psychedelic, space rock from Cornwall England wrapped up in a perplexing but pleasant sounding mix of horror punk, prog and Rob Zombie, mixed in with audio samples from Star Wars and other sci-fi cult cinema. Whether they danced in front of fires for three-fold inspiration or just jammed on guitars after sci-fi binges isn’t known. They’ve taken inspiration from many an on screen creature, whether preexisting turned CGI or fantasy.

There’s also a few good blood splashes of horror punk and movies clips for the fiends, ghouls, zombies and undead to munch on. They’ve sung about Star Wars and Star Trek on the same record, even the same song. Sacrilege to some but the band plays it pretty neutral bringing peace to the galaxy whether it’s on a five-year mission or training in the Dagobah system.

Besides a name that thrashes the lyrical ideology of Fear Factory with ‘70s spell-casting cult rock twisted together in a nice skintight bow, it’s weird that the Necronomicon isn’t mentioned till the end.  They’ve casted themselves into the realms of Monster Magnet, C.O.C., Cathedral and Venom, reflecting a bloody groovy throw back, modern day sound. Songs range from the Jurassic period to the interstellar cosmos. They’ve got the whole universe covered and all the ancient incantations and elements that brought it together.

Velocirapture is fuzzy guitar rock and trippy prog with a ‘70s vibe and a wah wah pedal war against the mountainous Jurassic giants. It’s dino-mite with the crushing, explosive power of a raptors swoop or T. Rex tail swing. Like a really good, bad SYFY original, they’re running from and/or hunting huge CGI creations. Hunted on Hoth, we all found out Tauntauns smell bad inside and out in The Empire Strikes Back. Skywalker rises to escape the Wampa with the force and rides with a Cronos influenced chorus against Palpatine.

Darkstar’s got a punked up, zombied rock n’ roll a go go feel with bluesy midsection, like a Star Wars cantina party, an alien abduction or a Star Trek narration scene. KHAN!!!!!!!! Cloven Hooves Horns & Wings has a weird jazzy strip tease vibe as guitars disrobe the words. If they’re alien, we may not know what not to look at. By demons be driven, every thousand years he walks the earth, the battle between black and angelic wings continues on.

Enchantress is black magic fueled, possessed by the kiss of the alluring succubus. Beware her glare and pointing finger. Like an ex, she’s a dream come true at first sight and a nightmare to recover from. High Wizard (King of the Horsehead Nebula) is star galaxy system charting done through music.

Nuclear Sunset has bits of thrash with a nuclear scare. Armageddon and apocalypse, psychobilly meets punk and thrash, in a planetary party and purge to the end. Hail to the King and the ruler of the evil dead, the holder of the Necronomicon and his boom stick unleashed, groovy.





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