David Crowder Band Illuminates

David Crowder Band Illuminates

It’s a pretty cool thing when your album debuts at No. 1 on the Christian retail chart. Selling 13,935 units in the first week isn’t bad either. And getting heavy rotation on K-LOVE (the largest Christian music network) with critics raving about each song with remarks like ‘taking giant leaps forward’ to ‘poetic richness’ means David Crowder knows he’s doing something right.

Illuminate is a stunning mix of creative output and progressions while steering clear of old worship tune clichés. There are some Dave Matthews inspired jams, along-side good energy rock n roll Illuminate makes good use of the new-fashioned accompanied software, showcasing its capabilities. There’s a soft, subtle seduction in the simplicity of some songs with hints of further instrumentation.

Being one of the most sought after bands on college campuses is just another credit to the David Crowder Band’s growing resume. Illuminate makes for good coffeehouse music and is the first Christian artist’s CD to include Propellerhead Reason 2.5 software (distributed by M-Audio)

Fans will have an unprecedented chance to access the software free by accessing the demo featured on the CD with their Mac or PC. Reason 2.5 is a complete virtual studio rack with built in synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, mixer and many more effects.

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