Lost Dogs-Nazarene Crying Towel

The 2003 release from Derri Daugherty, Terry Scott Taylor and Mike Roe prove you don’t have to blast guitars, drums and vocals to wall shaking levels to create a catch along sound. In fact the Lost Dogs do the exact opposite, unplugging guitars, turning off amps and laying soft vocals in the mic playing music in its simple basic form. Twelve short songs that share a twang and an easy toe tapping fancy. Some songs may take listeners back to their youth sitting in the back of an apple truck, riding through the orchard while all-knowing Grandpa tells some Biblical stories on his six-string.

Some songs raise similarity to Ceili Rain, without the Irish accent. There are sprinklings of Johnny Cash here and there along with some unexpected electric bayou magic on The Yearning while Deeper in the Heart carries some Tom Petty influence. The CD carries a very laid back mood so you can enjoy the day with a cool breeze from the window. These dogs might be lost but they’re in no hurry to find the way home. They’re just taking it easy enjoying the simple life. www.lostdogs.com

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