One-Releases Debut Worlds Collide on Pavement Entertainment

One-Releases Debut Worlds Collide on Pavement Entertainment

Montreal’s hard rock trio One signed with Pavement Entertainment in 2013 after their last tour. Worlds Collide, due April 1st, is their first release on PE with a North American tour to follow.

Three records, they’re first two Never Say Never and Dirty Valentine independently released, two awards, 500 plus shows, several video’s and member changes later One stays inspired and true to their own chosen form. They’ve headlined at the Hard Rock Café and world famous Whisky A Go Go while opening for national tours. They blend and bang out rock, country, blues and 80’s metal into their own southern octane fueled sound, or as southern as Canada can be.

Tomorrow’s Not Too Late opens with a heavy, harsh honky-tonk guitar sound with Nickelback vocals mixed with Scott Stapp and Scott Weiland. Queen of Rock n Roll puts an ass whoopin on some rockabilly heavy twang and the Mississippi queen’s spreading her royalty all over the band. Dirty Little Secret’s about a special side-project that’s never talked about in public but worked on extensively in private. Never Live for Yesterday gives softer, kinder words of advice as the guitars try and give peace of mind. She’s Bad, whew she’s bad in a roll in the hay, stomach churner, barn burner kinda way. You’re her good time play thing, found new but left used. I Want You to Know’s an acoustic, electric love letter done 80’s style in a dark room filled with upraised lighters. Daddy (don’t wanna be like you) is a rockin, confessional tune about love, passion and family blood gone bad with bullets and a bottle of pride, done country boy style. Days Gone By is an acoustic trip down the road with memories of life whisking by on the seasons in the wind. The disk finishes with a blasting, rebel rousing cover of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues, slamming the cold steel bars shut, shrieking out a heavy harmonica ode to the blues as you sit and do your time and number.

The band played the Cash classic on the road for two years before deciding to record it in tribute. They worked with Slaves on Dope guitarists Kevin Jardine at Uplift Studios, the home of their previous two releases. Danny Rossi, Chris Staniforth and Phil Hardy have never given up their road dog ways since their 2005 inception and actually said, they didn’t realize how much they missed the road until their last long layoff at home as the first leg of the US tour starts on March 20th in New Jersey.  Rossi could be the southern rock mirror image of Sully Erna, even without the cowboy hat and sunglasses.

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