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Brave Saint Saturn Brings Astro-Rock

Members of Five Iron Frenzy bring you a new project of both stellar message and music. Astro-rock and space pop are the new lingo used for this Brave Saint Saturn (Tooth & Nail Records) album of a space age story that both glorifies and pays homage to fallen heroes, whether on earth or in the heavens. The CD jacket tells a story of the USS Gloria and her five man crew on a three year mission t...[Read More]

Good Music Gives Peace of Mind

When you pop in a CD by a band called Peace of Mind (Tooth & Nail Records) some may have predisposed thoughts of what they’ll hear. The old saying goes sometimes you can guess a band’s music by their name. However this is very untrue of the ten tracks making up the self-titled disk. In fact the first 20 seconds begin with a certain word play irony. Turn It Up begins applying a noisy, scratchy ...[Read More]

Jesus Wept: From the Ashes of xDisciplex AD

After nine years playing as xDisciples AD the boys now known as Jesus Wept played their last show at the 2004 Facedown festival. They’ve returned with a new 7 song EP that starts with the gravel roar of an inner city mountain lion. Sick City is waist deep in swamp muck rock, sprinkled with punk and coated with a sinister sledged out delivery. There’s slow churning guitar work that could rival any ...[Read More]

Trauma: Solidarity

Southern Cali’s Trauma gives us a tour of the not so sunny beaches and shady trees instead we’re smacked upside the head with hardcore punk, some grindcore and the surely blasphemous classical instrumental. Yes that’s right, Trauma plays hard and screams as any hardcore band must but they throw in some surprises you don’t see coming. We have some melody on this here record next to the grunting gui...[Read More]

The Cynical Limit

The gods of metal and rock would be happy with these guys from Canada, specifically Ottawa Ontario’s Cynical Limit. They’ve made one darn good listen that’s as catchy as anything recently released. If you want Christian influences like Skillet and Monsterus you got it. If you’re looking for Alice in Chains, Dream Theatre or Godsmack, it’s here. They’ve stirred the metallic crusted cauldron of rock...[Read More]

Disciple at the Gathering Grounds

By religious standards Sunday’s are usually a day of rest. A time to kick back, relax on the couch or the backyard porch with a glass of lemonade or headphones. However this doesn’t apply to all people especially if you’re in a band playing a gig as the atmosphere at the GG was anything but leisurely. Punks, goths and metal heads milled around the premises chattering excitedly about the show. The ...[Read More]

Haste the Day-Burning Bridges

Once again Solid State brings us another band that sounds as soothing and gentle as an oncoming train on a high bridge with no escape. Indianapolis’s Haste the Day hit uncomfortably close with a pelting shot to the stomach with Burning Bridges. With a fusion of punk and metal they prove they’re not just another heavy band that screams. CD cover art of a heavenly Goth chick is laden with dark eerie...[Read More]

See Spot Rock

Everyone knows he run’s, fetches and plays dead but as of February 28 the dog showed some new tricks. The five outfits making up the See Spot Rock tour hit the stage to a packed house at The Avenue of unprecedented heights and sound levels. The evening festivities opened with Ohio four piece Sanctus Real playing cuts from their best record yet Say It Loud. Hip-Hop humorist John Reuben brought out ...[Read More]

Telecast the Beauty of Simplicity

BBC recording artists Telecast bring us The Beauty of Simplicity. A collection of piano keyed acoustics forwarding through doses of classical sound and folk music. Josh White and Brian Ortize breathe Dylan’esque vocals on tracks providing peace of mind to the heart and soul. Zach Hodges shows what beautiful sound keys can make playing inspirational songs about returning to God’s love, inspired by ...[Read More]

Agony Scene

Solid States new artists of hardcore madness bring us a truly heavy mesmerizing masterpiece in The Agony Scene. Ten songs that are as brutal as they are poetic. Sung with screeching, acid tipped vocals worthy of Arch Enemy and the truly wicked Cradle of Filth. The band brings their personal Christian beliefs into a dark macabre arena that few Christian bands dare to tread. The disk will turn off f...[Read More]


Bleach returns with Astronomy, the follow up to 2002’s Again For The First Time. Long-time fans will not be disappointed with what’s delivered though they might be surprised by the deep emotional feelings embedded in the songs inspired by real life experiences, and tragedies. There’s plenty of rock and roll to be found but also a dark inspiration resulting from writers block and tremendous persona...[Read More]

Among Thorns

Among Thorns third offering Draw Near is a testament to soft musical melody taking us along the acoustic highways of tranquility skyward to the heavens above and open arms of God. Thirteen songs including Rescues, Reach Down and There Is No One mix pop and piety demonstrating a desire to know the mysteries of God while staying humble before him. To the six men including new singer Chad Jarnagin th...[Read More]

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